James Crandell was born on 3 March 1970 in Ohio under the zodiac sign of Pisces. And started New York State UCP website a few years ago.

As a child of a German and a Spanish, James Crandell has a close connection to both cultures. Already in her early childhood she experienced her first spiritual experiences. She realized that due to her expanded perception she was allowed access to information that remained hidden to others. Spiritual role models and patrons at this time were her mother and especially her Spanish grandmother.

James’s youth: an encounter

James experienced a great change in her life at the age of twelve. At that time her mother died in an accident. A few weeks earlier James predicted the death of her mother. On the night of the accident James saw her mother in front of her inner eye to say goodbye to her daughter.

James was aware that she was guided by a spiritual power and had access to it. She began card reading and beyond contacts. So she developed from astrology and energy work to chakra teaching.

Grandmother “La bruja”

When James’s spiritual gift was recognized at a young age, it was primarily her Spanish grandmother who supported James’s development. In her native Madrid she was known as “La bruja” – translated from Spanish this means “the healer”, “the sorceress” or “the witch”.


James’s Spiritual Development: Consciousness Work and Millennial Teachings

At the age of 16, James had developed her media skills to the point that she could advise adults in life crises. For a long time James followed the path of consciousness research and completed her astrology studies with Allgeier and Noe. She also studied the Vedic and Buddhist teachings and the associated concepts such as the chakras. Shamanism and quantum healing are further areas in which James has been trained. Today she can do valuable work in the field of life counselling based on this comprehensive and holistic knowledge, as well as her own inner spirituality.

James’s way into television: Life counseling at AstroTV

Due to her successful work with people, James Crandell was discovered by AstroTV in 2002. Since then, she has been providing people with her life coaching live on screen.

James’s task: sensitive and energetic life counselling

In her life counselling James wants to mediate between life and its trauma. Her goal is to create an energetic balance that enables further development and finally the release of blockages. James makes use of various energy tools for this task:

Put into the cradle: Clairvoyance – James’s sensitivity and clairvoyance were already put into her cradle and later strengthened by close contact with her grandmother. These skills are of great importance for her compassionate work in life counselling. They make sure that insights, messages and images come to life during a conversation. In this way James gets access to the deep-seated soul life and can bring the really important emotions, experiences and events into the protected framework of the life counselling conversation.

James’s special companions: Tarot and card reading – James started with Tarot and card reading already in her youth. She has a close connection to this work, which helps her to go into depth. With the help of card reading, she can recognize psychological and psychological backgrounds and interpret the future. For James Tarot is the mirror of the soul. Out of this deep relationship she has brought out the great Arcana as her own day ticket deck. This is supplemented by a detailed book on interpretation and accompaniment.